Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pageant Girls

One night I am at an event with my girls when it really truly hits me, most people have no idea what pageant girls are all about. I have to say 10 years ago I didn’t either. Most people assume we love rhinestones, high heels and being the center of attention but not much else. Which may be the case sometimes but there also is so much more. For those of you that don’t know my mom and I run the Arizona United States Pageants. We strive to encourage girls to have self confidence and to find a charity or cause close to their heart and volunteer.

This particular night we had been invited to an Opening Ceremony for the Basketball and Cheer Season for Special Olympics. I look up and one of the board members of Special Olympics Arizona is in tears talking about these incredible girls and how she wished the media had been there that night to see how truly giving they are.

Like any group of people there may be a few bad eggs but for the most part pageant girls are amazing people. They love helping the communities around them, they are smart, do very well in school, are supportive of people around them, and just incredible.

I met all of my best friends through pageants. I know these girls will give me advice on gowns, hair and swimsuits but they also will fill me in on what charities really need help, will pray daily if not several times a day when I am struggling.

Although I am taking a step back from pageants for awhile to pursue school I know the 10 years I spent in pageantry helped make me who I am today. I am so thankful of the experiences but most of all the family I gained.

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