Wednesday, September 28, 2011


One of my recent assignments was to review the requirements for the 5 Practicum/Internships that I must complete as well as the requirements for licensure. I also noticed that on my Syllabus for my current class it said to keep this syllabus and all of them here on out in case I needed to prove what I learned when applying for my licensure. It finally hit me, in about 3 years I will be counseling. Something I say or don’t say will truly affect how some people live their lives. That is a lot of pressure. This made me realize that I will need to carefully weigh everything that comes out of my mouth and the potential consequences.

Then I felt really bad because why don’t I do this anyways. Why do I say things I know will be hurtful to the ones I love? Why do I not tell the ones I love how I feel about them? When people ask me for advice why don’t I sit and truly contemplate what I think is best?

One of my ex’s had this horrible mother that said to me “Kayla, have you ever read the Four Agreements, you should. It’s about thinking before you speak.” While I was horribly offended and I know her intentions were not pure, I think she was right. I need to be intentional about everything I say.

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