Monday, July 19, 2010


The past few months have been very eventful.

April 26th I started my internship with "An Oasis of Hope" Biblical Counseling. During my time there I learned about counseling, God, the Bible and myself. I also was privileged to meet two people that I think will be in my life forever. I know without a shadow of a doubt that my intern placement was in God's plan for me.

During this time I was also preparing the four Arizona United States Queens for Nationals. I could not be more proud of these girls and the hard work they put in. I will never forget this experience with these incredible ladies.

While all these amazing things have been going on I have also had some hard times that I never expected. My mom has been telling me my whole life that I am strong, I never believed her because I thought it was something moms had to say. Then one day in my internship, Roderick mentioned my strength and although I was flattered I didn't believe him either. I finally see what they were talking about. The last four weeks of my life have had some great moments but more than that there have been moments where I just wanted to quit. I wanted to sleep and wake up and the hurt would be gone.

Even today there are moments I know everything is going to be okay then there are moments where all the hurt and anger come flooding back. I can not explain the comfort I have knowing that God is with me through all of it and he has placed some very special people in my life to support me. Through these hard times I have grown even closer to a few people and for that I am thankful. I have heard people say that peace isn't contentment when things are normal however it is about the storm. While today may be tough I am thankful that God has brought this to me, will bring me through it and will teach me something.