Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just venting

I just need to vent. For the past year, or so, I have been a pain to be around most days. So I am going to vent all my annoyances, leave them here and move on.

1. Why do people complain over and over about a situation then go right back into it? If someone really annoys you why constantly put yourself in a situation to be around them? There is a point when we need to worry about our own health and stability and seperate ourselves from people that hurt us.

2. Just because my opinion is different than yours doesn't mean I am wrong. Please don't give me the third degree just because I don't like everything you do.

3. Ex's should be left in the past. Please don't bring them into your new relationships, around your family or friends. It is awkward for everyone and causes unnecessary problems.

4. I get so annoyed when someone comments how annoyed they are they haven't heard from me when they also haven't made any effort to contact me.

5. Why do some old people move so incredibly slow on the streets but are "all up in my grill" in the grocery store? Please stay out of my bubble.

6. I am annoyed that I get so annoyed.

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